Eucalyptus Shower Bundles

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Create your own at-home spa experience with an Original Relaxation Bundle (fresh eucalyptus only) and/or a Tranquil Spa Bundle (fresh eucalyptus and preserved lavender). Fresh eucalyptus releases a relaxing and cool fragrance known to clear sinuses and leave you feeling fresh. Each bundle comes hand-tied and ready to hang.

    • Eucalyptus bundles must be ordered 2 weeks in advance starting April 1st, 2021. Orders filled outside of that time frame will not be fulfilled. 
  • Local pick up only from West Edmonton, AB - *Please select "Store Pick Up upon check out". Selecting Local Pick Up will not work.
  • Limited quantities available weekly until sold out.
  • Packaged with instructional use. 
  • Bundles may vary in appearance depending on the nature of the eucalyptus.


  1. How long will my bundle last?

    Depending on how often you shower, peak fragrance generally lasts for one week. The more humidity your bundle gets, the longer it lasts.

  2. When is my bundle ready to take down?

    It's time to take it down once the leaves start feeling crispy. At that time, you can cut the bundle string and simply let it finish drying in a vase as home decor!

  3. Should my Eucalyptus Shower Bundle be under the shower stream?

    Your bundle should be hung behind or to the side of your shower stream! While it can get a few splashes, it should not be constantly wet. Ensure your eucalyptus bundle dries between showers to avoid mold.

Please note: Eucalyptus oil and run-off may stain if allowed to sit on a surface.


How to Use Your Eucalyptus Bundle

Step 1: Take your eucalyptus out of its packaging. For best results, take it out on the same day even if you are not using it immediately. Place in water like you would with flowers if you are planning to use it the following day.

Step 2 (Optional): In order to "prime" the eucalyptus and to promote the release of its natural oils, you can massage the eucalyptus bundle very gently with a rolling pin OR you can brush your eucalyptus with your hands. *Check out the "Care Tips" highlight on @floralsbyanita's instagram for a video on how to do this.

Step 3: Your eucalyptus bundle is held together with string. Take the tail of the string and tie it behind your shower stream or to the side of it. The eucalyptus bundle should sit behind the shower head or to its side. The eucalyptus bundle should not hang in the stream of water.

Step 4: Turn the hot water on before you get into the shower so the steam can mix with the eucalyptus oils to create an aromatic shower experience! Your eucalyptus can get wet, but it is important that it dries between showers. 

Your eucalyptus bundle should be fresh for about one week. The eucalyptus will air dry in between your showers and can be kept hanging. If you want to preserve the life of your eucalyptus, you can take it down from the shower, cut the ends of the stems and place it in water between uses.

Once the eucalyptus is fully dried, you may keep it hanging for a light fragrance or you can take it down and use it as decor!

Enjoy your pampering experience!