Forever Florals Dry Bar

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Welcome to the Forever Florals dry bar! Select from your choice of dried floral accompaniments to complement your existing vases/containers or new ones you’ve purchased from us!

Forever florals are meant to last in your home for as long as your tastes stay the same.


Details & Care:

  • All dried and preserved items are bound to have fall out. To reduce fall out, you can lightly spray a coat of hair spray but some fall out can still be expected after coating.

  • Keep away from water/high humidity. Do not submerge in water. If placed in an area with high sun exposure, dried florals may incur some discolouration.
  • Some dried/preserved florals are more brittle by nature. Extra care needs to be taken when handling these items.

  • All stems come as is and you are able to cut stem lengths to your desired length using scissors.

  • Certain dried stems (eg. Limonium) can be broken up into several smaller stems. You can be creative to fit them best into your vase/container!